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How do you make taxes interesting?

Hnry is an automated tax agent that gives contractors and freelancers instant peace of with automated tax payments and filings.

UX Design + Research / Brand Discovery / Copywriting / Content Strategy / Email Marketing


August 2018 - August 2020


UX Writing + Research, Content Strategy 


The Voice

Using customer research, data, and interviews, I built out personas that encompass the different types of Hnry customers and how they think about their taxes. We used these personas to guide problem statements and define project goals. They became the basis of the app design and rebrand.


The Approach

I worked closely with the product team and our in-house designer to ideate on the look and feel of the Hnry brand: how did it look in market, and how do we want the brand to talk about itself? From our customer research and competitor analysis, we knew we wanted a colorful and approachable design. We wanted taxes to be fun (or as fun as they can be) and looked to create a "game-ified" app design.


The Implementation

We incorporated the design and branding steadily, product by product. Initially, we redesigned the expenses look and feel, then rolled out the design across the entire Hnry Dashboard.


The Results

The new look and feel helped focus our marketing efforts and led to cohesive large-scale marketing campaigns. In the 12-month period following this rebrand, our customer acquisition skyrocketed (through paid media campaigns and word of mouth) nearly 2000%. 

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