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Establishing a racing community through social media strategy.

Copywriting / Content Strategy / Social Media Marketing / Corporate Comms

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November 2022 - January 2024


Content Strategy + Copywriting


The Problem

Andy Lally ALIVE is a client of the marketing agency, Trellist. ALIVE is a collection of products tailored for the automotive enthusiast, with websites for car auctions, racing events, and collectors. How do we establish a brand voice for all five of the ALIVE product offerings, and present that in a cohesive, revenue-generating way? 


The Approach

I collaborated with the company's designers and product team to establish sets of guiding principles for each of the five brands, and built a product marketing strategy for each. This strategy involved using brand personas (built from consumer and competitor research) to construct social media marketing calendars for each brand, and on each channel. 


The Results

Engagement across brands and social media platforms skyrocketed, with page followers increasing by nearly 40% within a 6-month perio. We saw a spike in shared posts, web traffic, and word of mouth sales.

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