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Ti-Pure™ Flex

An innovative e-commerce solution for one of Chemours' leading brands.

Copywriting / Consumer Research / Content Strategy / Corporate Comms

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July 2023 - December 2024


Copywriting + Corporate Comms


The Problem

Ti-Pure™ is one of Chemours' biggest brands; the product is an innovative titanium-based coating and plastics polymer which is patented and high-quality. The client wanted to build a flexible e-commerce platform to drive sales and improve the buying experience for customers all over the world.


The Solution

We worked with customers from all over the world to identify their biggest pain points in buying new product, as well as their main considerations when/if one of the client's competitors. The answer? Having an all-in-one online service where they can track market price, lead times, the status of their order, and be able to talk to a dedicated team whenever they have questions. 


The Implementation

Armed with customer insights, we built personas and used these to influence the next wave of the Ti-Pure™ Flex platform, improving the overall look and feel of the platform and delivering a better buying experience for the brand's global customer base.


The Results

Sales on the refined Flex platform increased, over a 3-month period, by nearly 15% – although I left the project soon after the rebrand so this is the data time frame I have. My hypothesis is that sales continued to increase after I left. 

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