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Sofar Sounds

Building on a product offering to capture more audience.

Customer Research / Copywriting / Content Strategy / Email Marketing / Marketing Strategy

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January 2024 - present


Content Strategy + Product Marketing 


The Problem

The value proposition of Sofar (a live music production company) is that the artists and venues are kept hidden from audiences until hours before the show. This creates a "speakeasy" vibe, and a cool "in the know" type of event. This means, however, that the shows can be hard to market because audiences may want a particular artist or type of show that suits their mood. 


The Solution

After lengthy product investigation, we built up a roster of show types that we can market to our global audience. These show types include high-energy shows, sit-down shows, storyteller shows, and more. 


The Goal

The aim of show types is to expand our marketing reach by revealing more information about shows. This project is still in progress. 

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